The sinless Vanity

Yvé Vanity is a light and easy-to-install piece of furniture that takes the different components normally found in a bathroom and elevates their design to create a smart and practical solution. From the mixers to the towel rail, these elements speak a new language that mixes functionality to classic beauty.

My little office

A table that covers all the needs of a small home office, spectacularly useful for teleworking, or even a normal office. Or... no, the use of these products is as extensive as your imagination allows.

The limitless style

There is no need to go to the metaverse to discover the other side of this collection. Products whose functionality covers all possible limits.

Products that optimize space through a system of overlapping tops, offering a wider range of possibilities of use and storage compared to a traditional side table.

Theory of a metamorphosis

Everyday products that, while maintaining the essence of all life, present an evolution in the world of furniture: You can use it wherever and however you want, in any corner or room of the house or office.

Ready to go around the world

Based on this idea of freedom and openness, we have created a comfortable and functional set of seats, in this case with a removable backrest system that makes it easy to transport.

Inspired by how one day Phileas Fogg decided to take a risk, get out of the way and prove he could go around the world in 80 days, Yve sought to achieve the same with his collection of Fogg chairs.